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Walk to schools thanks


A huge shout out to all the families that walked to school on Wednesday. We are thankful to all the volunteers that came out to help with the event and make it successful.

Amber Johnston, Charu Haberstroh, Ramakrishna Kasukurthi, Jessica Turner, Sue Kastin
Jennifer Williams, Yoon, Subbalakshmi Pulathota, Qirui, Swathi, Tamika Harris, Brania Gomez Rivera, Amber Von Bokern, Lisa Jemison

Invest in the Nest 2018-2019


ONLY THREE more days left (October 16th)!!!!!! We are still way away from our school wide donation goal of $30,000

As our main fundraiser this year, we are asking parents to invest in Hortons Creek and your child’s education.

Why should we invest in Hortons Creek?
  • 100% of donations go to the school.
  • With low real estate taxes, schools have minimal extra funds for programs and needed items.
  • To purchase new technology and leveled reading books for classrooms, as well as funding for teacher grants, clubs, family fun nights, staff appreciation, and other PTA programs.
How can we invest?

Our school wide donation goal is $30,000 with an average of $50 per child and suggested levels of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, & $2,500.

  • Donate online at
  • Send cash or check written to “HCES PTA” at your child’s class (combining sibling donation in once check is fine.)
  • With your donation, please send in the sheet attached so that we can track the class level contributions. This sheet can also be found at the bottom of the parent letter that will come home with your children.

We encourage each family to give the amount they are able to donate. No amount is too small or too big! Each class will have participation incentives. Please send in all donations by October 16th. At the end of the donation drive, students will have a celebration day during school.

Thank you for investing in the Hortons Creek NEST. This is a significant investment in your child’s education and the success of Hortons Creek.