2018-2019 Committees

Volunteer coordinator: Lisa Jensen
Room Parent coordinators: Srividya Venkat

Invest/Fun Run
Committee Co-chairs:
The first fundraiser by the PTA to be held a few weeks after the school year starts is planned for raising funds for the school through various fun filled activities while promoting school spirit, fitness and healthy competition. Obstacle courses, color run, mile runs are some ideas that are brewing for this event. Since student participation is the key to the success of this fundraiser, promoting this event within the school community starting well in advance of the event will be of utmost importance. Responsibilities of this committee will be along the lines of promoting the event, planning and implementing fun filled ideas, purchasing required supplies, arranging for appropriate service providers like a DJ etc., purchasing prizes and awards (if planned for)
When: Fall (right after school starts)
Committee Co-chairs: Corinne Nicoara and Chad Jemison
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/Fundra52145

Book Fair
Committee Co-chairs:
The book fair committee is expected to work closely with the book fair vendor and set up the book fair during the fall. We are looking to bring a variety of books that would interest a diverse school community such as ours at HCES. Responsibilities include contacting the vendor, setting up the display of books at the book fair, promoting it to the school families and processing book sales.
When: Fall (Tentatively first week in November)
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/BookFa40380

Committee Co-chairs:
The carnival for the HCES families is planned for the spring. Enjoy organizing a fair? This role is apt for you. We plan to have carnival games, various types of stalls like face painting, food truck delicacies. Students and their families may also get to try their luck with raffle baskets, silent auctions etc. Carnival committee chair is expected to oversee subcommittees working on sponsorship, ticket sales, games, food services, raffles and auctions, volunteers, promotion and decoration.
When: (Spring-Late April/Early May)
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/Carniv74549

Family Events and Spirit Nights
Committee Co-chairs:
Family nights are planned to bring together students and their families from the entire school for gatherings like movie nights, ice cream socials, bingo nights, Donuts with Dads, Muffins for Moms etc. Responsibilities include contacting and arranging for the appropriate vendors/service providers, purchasing all the supplies, arranging for food vendors (if required for the occasion), cleaning up after events.
Spirit Nights committee chair is expected to contact local vendors and garnering support for the school community. Some examples include dinners and desserts at local restaurants and game nights at local sports clubs. This committee chair takes care of everything from contacting vendors to promoting the spirit night within the school committee to collecting the donations from the vendors.
When: Various occasions throughout the school year
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/Spirit34936

Staff Appreciation
Committee Co-chairs: Shannan Bogdanov
Our teachers and staff work so hard all year to bring out the very best in our kids. During the teacher appreciation week, on behalf of all the students and their families in the school, the PTA expresses gratitude and appreciation for the amazing staff members through various events like special breakfasts, luncheons etc. The committee would be in charge of putting together an agenda, planning for it and executing it. We will also have treats for the staff during the year.
When: Throughout the year
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/StaffA15057

Sponsorships and Silent Auction
Committee Co-chairs:
This committee is responsible for contacting various vendors in the communities who are willing to donate to the school and thereby support their local community, collecting the packages/donations from them, displaying the items to be auctioned, assigning bid numbers to the potential bidders and processing the bids. Schools in the area have had great support from local restaurants, spas, gyms, health clinics, sports clubs, local artists, grocery stores etc. The more number of people we reach , the more potential bidders we attract thereby increasing our potential donations. Hence promoting the silent auction event/s is a key responsibility of this committee.
When: Silent auctions can be run in combination with family nights throughout the year or run as a major part of one event like the spring carnival.
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/HCESil96212

Community Service
Committee Co-chairs: Emma Browning
There are so many people in need of so many important goods and services and there so many good hearted people looking to help out those in need. The job of the Community Service committee is to act as a bridge between the two groups. This committee scouts for those in need within our community and organizes events/drives in the school from time to time creating opportunities for the school families to lend a helping out to all those in need. Food Pantry donations, pajama drives, toy drives, book drives are some examples that the committee can consider.
When: At regular intervals during the school year or as and when an opportunity presents itself.
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit: https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/Commun15780

Academic Programs
Committee Co-chairs: Whitney Masterson
This committee would work closely with the PTA board and the Principal to arrange for various academic and cultural programs at school. The idea is to bring in various assemblies and presentations like book signings, speakers on various topics, cultural events etc. to the school.
When: Throughout the school year
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit:https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/HCEAca85475

Committee Co-chairs: Anvita Mistry
Good health of every student is very important and the AHA (Advocates for Health in Action) fosters and supports community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County. The Wellness committee works on introducing and implementing programs designed by AHA at HCES. Some initiatives for promoting physical activity and healthy eating habits that have been adopted by various other schools in the area are: Walk to School and Wellness week
When: Throughout the school year
If you are interested in joining this committee, please visit:https://hcepta.memberhub.com/hub/Wellne95674